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Who needs to get an ISBN?
Anyone who wants to sell their book or media product(s). For example, if you are an author who wants to promote and sell your own Book or eBook, then you need to get an ISBN. ISBN Publisher Packages include: ISBN, ISBN bar code and more. You retain all rights and control of your work.

Can I get an ISBN for international use?
Yes. The ISBN is an international number, so it can be used in the USA, UK, and worldwide.

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ISBN Publishing Packages include ISBN numbers, print-ready ISBN bar code, and useful information on getting your product listed on Amazon, iBooks, B&N, etc.

Is this a one-time fee?
Yes. This is a one-time fee. There are no additional charges or fees -- EVER. You keep all sales from your book, all rights and royalties, etc.

Customer service:

Every order from ISBN is double-checked and verified for accuracy. We send your ISBN bar code by email, usually within 24 hours.

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Additional information about ISBN and Barcodes:

What is an ISBN?
An ISBN is a unique number used by libraries, bookstores, etc. to identify a product such as a book, CD, DVD, or similar product.

ISBN stands for "International Standard Book Number". An ISBN is a 13-digit number used to identify books and similar items.


This is an example of an ISBN Barcode using
ISBN 13 format.

ISBN 13 format is a universal format that can be read by any bar code reader.

The number sequence across the top of the bar code is the "human-readable" ISBN number. The numbers across the bottom are "machine-readable" for the bar code scanner.

In order to create an ISBN 13 format bar code, a check digit is required at the end of the number sequence.

Every publisher package includes a free bar code from which is pre-formatted in ISBN 13 format, including the required check digit.


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What do I get when I buy an ISBN Publishing Package?
When you click add to cart and buy an ISBN publishing package, you'll quickly get an email with ISBN bar code and useful information on how to get an Official Sales Page for your book on Amazon's website.

Each publishing package includes a single ISBN that Moodoo Productions has purchased from Bowker in bulk, meaning that Moodoo Productions is the owner of the ISBN. You retain authorship, copyright ownership, all rights, etc. of your book.


Our philosophy:
"We believe that self-publishers in the U.S. and England shouldn't have to pay $125 or more to get an ISBN which is required for publishing your book.

Therefore, I've made it my goal to help other self-publishers get a publisher-owned ISBN for only $34.99. A quick Google search will show you that ISBN can save you $75 or more on getting your ISBN and barcode.

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