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How To Get Your ISBN Registered To Your Book

If you want to get your ISBN registered to your book through the central registry, I can help. This is a free service I offer for my customers.

Please email your book information to my assistant at her email address:


1.) Write your ISBN and your email address in the following format. It should look something like this:

(Note: please replace the number above with your actual isbn number -- no dashes -- and the email with your actual email address. Thanks!)


2.) Then provide your title info.

# of pages
format (paperback, ebook, etc)
subject (art, cooking, fiction, graphic novel, religion, self-help, etc.)
copyright year


3.) Finally, attach your image files.

front cover image
isbn barcode image

(note: please provide a small image file for your front cover image. The image should be clearly readable, with no side bigger than 500 pixels, in jpeg format. File size must be 72dpi, under 1MB).

You can email this to

Then what happens:
Within the week, my team will register your title with the central registry, then we'll send you a confirmation email.

So... whenever you are ready, just send your title information and I'll get all of this done for you - it's quick and easy.


P.S. I strive to provide excellent customer service. It will really help other customers know what to expect if I can get your customer comments on my new Facebook page:

Thank you and best of luck with your book!

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