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Author Best Practices

Author Daily Word Count

Daily Writing Goals

One of the most common question authors ask themselves is:

How much time should I spend writing every day?


Here’s another way of looking at it:

How many words per day?


One of the most prolific and successful contemporary authors is Stephen King.

According to Google search results, he has written at least 129 books.

How many words per day?

About 2,000.

Or 8 pages per day.

Stephen King writes his 2,000 words and he doesn't worry about how long it takes. Sometimes he gets done in the morning, sometimes in the late afternoon.

There are some definite sacrifices -- especially around the holidays.

For example, in his book “On Writing”, Stephen King said his family will sometimes ask him to just take a day off.

But writing is something he really loves to do. So they do their best to understand.

Please understand -- I’m not saying you need to achieve the same output as Stephen King.

Instead I think it’s best to set your own goal.


So what's a good goal?

Technique 1 -- Start Small

Here's what I would do: start small.

Give yourself a goal that feels easy.

For example, maybe start with 100 words per day. So 1/2 page

And then do that for a week. If that works out well, gradually adjust upwards.

125 words per day the next week.

If that goes well, try 150 words per day the next week

And so on...


Technique 2 -- Use Math:

Here's another way to figure out how many words per day

Look at the total length of your book. Let's say 200 pages.

Then set the goal of how long you want it to take to write the first draft.

For example, 100 days. Then just divide 200 by 100 and you need to write 2 pages per day.


Technique 3 -- Follow Successful writers:

A lot of successful writers write between 500-1000 words per day (2-4 pages).

Ernest Hemingway was a 500-word-per-day writer. Which is still in the range of average output.

At the upper end of the spectrum, Michael Crichton (writer of Jurassic Park) wrote 10,000 words per day.

Then he spent a lot of time re-writing. He would do 7 or 8 drafts of his books.

Everyone has a different process.


Remember To Write Every Day

This is just a quick reminder to write every day to meet your own goal.


Again, here are the 3 techniques to help determine your daily word count goal:

1) Start Small: 100 words per day and gradually work your way up

2) Use Math: Divide the total number of pages for your book by the number of days you want to spend writing the first draft.

--> For example, a 200 page novel in 100 days means you have to write 2 pages per day. (500 words)

3) Follow Your Heroes: Research your favorite writers and try to emulate the number of words they do every day


Hopefully this helps you keep on target.

P.S. Also, do make sure you’re writing on your book — or even better your book series.

Social media doesn’t count toward your daily goal.

Enjoy your writing!

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