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Why Choose ISBN

Every author who self-publishes their own book is taking a risk with their money. Writing your book is the fun part, but marketing you book is actually a business which requires you to make money on your book sales.

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The first step to making money is to keep expenses low. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. For this reason self-publishers should always buy a cheap ISBN in order to move forward quickly with the process of selling your book.

Attracting A Publisher

After you get started with your discount ISBN you can move forward with marketing your book. For many self-publishers, the goal is 10,000 sales of your book. Traditional publishers put a lot of time and money into marketing books to a mass audience. So this is your proof-of-concept to show publishers that your book could be a big hit.

Self-Publisher to Successful Published Author

When a self-publisher achieves 10,000 sales it can help to attract a traditional publisher to publish your book. Of course, a traditional publisher will take over selling your book so you can focus exclusively on your writing and you will no longer have to worry about having to buy a cheap ISBN. When a publisher takes over your book marketing, the publisher will supply their own ISBN.


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