Using your book's ISBN with CreateSpace

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How To Use Your ISBN With CreateSpace

Here is the way to get the ISBN from me to work with CreateSpace.

Please see notes (below) from a customer who was able to get this done successfully. I have forwarded this information to other customers who reported it worked for them too.

Please note all ISBN publishing packages from me (2016 or later) are under the imprint name "Movement Publishing".


I am pleased to inform you that the ISBN # I purchased from you has been accepted by Amazon C P!

Once it was understood that "Movement Publishing" had not published my book nor ever intended to publish it, the problem went away. Also, the proofs they provided me did not have "Movement Publishing" appearing anywhere in the finished documented, either on the cover or the interior.

What I did was to acknowledge "Movement Publishing" as the company associated with my ISBN # and that, along with the fact that M P had not published my book, etc., caused the problem to go away. This info may help your other clients.


Hope this helps.


P.S. I strive to provide excellent customer service. It will really help other customers know what to expect if I can get your customer comments on my new Facebook page:

Thank you and best of luck with your book!

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