Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers - Day 2

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Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers (Day 2 of 3)

How To Get Your Book In Front Of The Right People (part 1 of 3)

Welcome to Day 2 of my Free 3-Day Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers!

First, a quick recap: over the last few emails, we've started the process of figuring out who your audience and your customer is.

Since I'm a self-publisher like you, I know you've put a lot of care into making your book. Your book contains a message that is going to benefit a certain group of people. The group of people who will benefit from your message is called your target audience.

It's important to understand the difference between target audience and customer.

For example, if you have a drawing video series for kids, then your target audience is children.

But we all know kids don't have jobs so they can't buy things for themselves. So the customer is not the target audience.

Instead, the customer might be their parents, grandparents, or a librarian who wants to get kids excited about coming to the library.

Now it's time to find out who your connectors are. The connectors are the ones who can get you in front of your target audience and get your book in front of your customers.

Connectors are people, institutions or media. Let's drill down and take a closer look at each.

Connectors Who Connect You To Customers

(1) Customer Connectors - these are individuals or group organizers who can put you in touch with your target audience or customer. So for example, if you have a friend who can connect you with somebody who can help you sell your book, that friend is a connector.

A really great tip is to go to and look for local meetup groups of people that might benefit from your message. Then join the group and start attending the meetups. You will learn from the others in the group what their needs are. And after being there and participating, you might talk to the group organizer to see if you can do a quick presentation on your book in an upcoming meetup. This is a great, face-to-face way to market your book for free to your target audience. is a great website for discovering people who are interested in your niche. Just go to and search for your niche. Anything you're into, there's a good chance others might have already started a meetup group.

How to get the most out of

First thing is to check out the web page for your local meetup of people who are interested in your niche. Read their profiles. When you're ready, attend a meetup. All you have to do is show up and participate!

What is the big deal about

When you go to a meetup, it is a huge opportunity to learn about the wants, needs and desires of your particular niche. Talk to people, ask questions and be helpful! The more helpful you can be to others, improves the way people see you in the group (your status).

Speaking Opportunities

A lot of meetups are run in a presentation style format. This means somebody gets up in front of the group and talks about something that might appeal to others. Talk to the organizer and let them know you'd be interested in doing a presentation. This is a great way to meet friends who share your interest and learn about what people want to see in a book.

Challenge: Put Yourself Out There

Get in touch with your local coffee shop or bookstore owners. Often you can talk to the owner directly about scheduling a reading of your book. This can really help to get you started on the right track, since you'll be meeting your target audience of people who will benefit from your message. Also, you'll get their feedback and find out what works for them and learn more about their specific needs. This is how you can serve them better in your future releases.

Document Everything -->Selfie Time

P.S. Important: Every time you organize an event that promotes your book (such as a book reading) it's important to make sure to get photos or a video of the event. You can post them on your own website, facebook page, youtube channel, etc.

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