Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers - Day 2

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Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers (Day 2 of 3)

How To Get Your Book In Front Of The Right People (part 2 of 3)

Types of Connectors (Continued)

(2) Institution connectors - these are institutions that speak to your target audience and customers. For example: a church, school, library or local government.

For example, many churches and schools have outreach programs where they get groups of people together for different purposes, according to age and/or interest. These outreach programs can be a great way to reach parent groups, singles groups, kids educational groups, etc.

Those who write, Teach

Adult education classes are a huge opportunity for self-publishers. A lot of communities offer adult education classes, often in partnership with community colleges, parks and recreation programs, etc. You can sign up to teach a class to adults, and then you're speaking directly to your audience. Teaching counts as a huge success because it increases your visibility and gives you a valuable credential that you can use as proof of your expert status. You can learn a lot from the students in your class about what they need and how to serve them better.

Go Where the Books Are!

Some libraries offer many interesting outreach programs. Remember, libraries are in the business of getting people excited about reading. You're self publishing a book, so there is a natural alignment here. Visit your local library and ask who is in charge of events. Try to set up a meeting in person, over the phone, or just send them an email to tell them about your book. Maybe there's a way you can do a free event at the library. This is a great opportunity to meet the people interested in your niche, make some new friends, and get information on what they would like to see. All of this is marketing research and it's fun. This informs how you will position your book and gives you greater understanding of your audience.

Your Local Chamber Of Commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is another great way to get in front of other like-minded people who are interested in promoting their products and services. You can meet many motivated people there who have great connections, and help you get in touch with your target audience, make money and develop your expert status. Contact your chamber of commerce to ask what their services are to see how you can partner with them.

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