Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers - Day 2

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Free Book Marketing Class for Self-Publishers (Day 2 of 3)

How To Get Your Book In Front Of The Right People (part 3 of 3)

Types of Connectors (Continued)

The third type of connector -- the Media Connector -- is extremely important for self publishers looking to get book sales.

Media connectors have expanded to include millions of people who participate on social media like facebook and twitter. Social media makes it easy for anybody to share your book with their friends online.

Facebook and Twitter Can Bring Customers To You

What was once the exclusive domain of newspapers and magazines, is now in the hands of every person who has a facebook account.

I will show you how to take advantage of this amazing opportunity -- and leverage the power of social media to increase your book sales -- in a minute.

First let's talk about the power of Media Connectors.

Media Connectors

(3) Media Connectors - social media, tv, radio, web, newspapers, magazines, etc.

The media is known to have a big influence on buying decisions. We see commercials every day on tv, at the movies, and online ads at most websites.

We all understand the media is everywhere and advertising works for some companies.

Therefore, self-publishers will sometimes feel compelled to spend money on advertising.

A Word Of Caution

It's easy to get swept up in the idea that the media can promote your book and make your wildest dreams of fame and fortune come true!

But I suggest caution here.

Paid advertising is expensive. Thousands of dollars can get quickly spent on promoting your ad. Also, it's not guaranteed your investment in a newspaper advertisement, direct mail, or online ad will pay for itself.

Before you pull the trigger on buying an ad, please ask yourself. Can I afford to risk this money? What if the investment doesn't return the thousands of dollars spent?

A costly mistake in advertising is the last thing we need!

How To Get Media Attention For Free

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to work with the media for free.

The best way to get free press for your book is to provide something of value that delights your audience. Being an author is really serving an audience.

This is a long-term play. This type of thinking can result in the biggest wins because you are showing a lot of compassion for your audience. As a result you will likely be more effective at building an audience, developing trust, and developing yourself as an expert in your niche.

Free advertising is better than paid

People are more skeptical of paid ads -- like commercials and paid web adverisement -- than free forms of advertising which are perceived as actual news. Newsworthy articles and word of mouth don't appear to cost any money. So by not spending money, your audience will respond better than if you appeared to have paid for advertising.

The Difference Between Ads and Word of Mouth

Everybody knows that commercials and online ads are paid media messages. People have a natural tendency to disbelieve paid advertising messages -- and rightly so.

Your customers are more likely to believe a media message that is seen as news or word of mouth vs. a paid advertisement.

The ultimate form of free advertising with the best return on investment is word of mouth.

Word of mouth is understood to be the best advertising of all.

Word of mouth is special because it has the advantage of being free and it comes from a trusted source.

I think everyone will regard the recommendations of our friends in order to decide which books to read, which movie to see, or which event to attend.

So how do you achieve word-of-mouth style advertising in an online world? To answer this, let's take a look at social media.

How Social Media Can Help You Sell Books

Social media is amazing. There are billions of people who have facebook accounts. Every day people are posting status updates and these are seen by their friends.

A typical facebook account might have hundreds of friends. So this is like word of mouth on steroids. Social media blurs the distinction between paid advertising and word of mouth.

For example, if a friend promotes your book on facebook, this is seen as more credible than a paid advertisement. And it doesn't cost you anything.

Getting Your Book Promoted On Social Media For Free

So what are the best free ways to get your book shared on social media like facebook or twitter?

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most popular social media websites and they can be highly effective at helping to promote your book titles.

But you must have a web page in order to have your book shared on Facebook and Twitter.

In order for people to promote your book online, you will need to have a web page for your book.

Why Should I Get A Web Page For My Book?

By having a public web page, people can discover your web page by doing a Google search. They can copy / paste your URL to easily share your web page on social media.

Hmm, that sounds great but... is it expensive to get a web page?

Will it take a lot of work?

No worries. I've got your back. As a customer of you can claim your free web page -- In fact, you get one free web page for each of your isbns.

How Can I Get The Free Web Page?


In case you haven't done it yet --> click here to get the free web page for your book on

What Do I Get With The Free Web Page?

Your free web page will display all of your book title information, including: isbn, front cover image, title, author name, price, currency, content summary, and more.

For convenience there are social media share buttons at the top of the page, so your friends, family and fans can easily share your book page on social media.

Your web page is a unique URL that people can share, like

I've spoken with hundreds of self-publishers to get their ideas on this web page so I hope it will be helpful to you. Also if you have ideas for improvement, please email me

Hope You Are Enjoying The Free Marketing Class So Far...

I hope this is helpful to you. Please let me know so I can help to serve my customers better. You can email me at

My goal is to help you feel successful in your self-publishing journey. I strive to provide useful action steps to help you get your message out there, get the benefits of expert status, and make money on your book.

Please keep watching for my next email with more free book marketing tips.

You can do this!



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