How To Get Your Book on Google

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Want to get your book on Google?

Self-publishing authors: get a free web page for your book on isbnagency. This can greatly improve your book's Google search rank.

In this video, you'll see what to expect when
customers search for your book on Google.
(Please note: it takes 2-3 weeks for Google to index your free book page. Also, Google search results are not guaranteed and author results will vary.)

Here's the video:
(Click play to start)

How To Get Your Book on Google - ISBN

(video length: 2 minutes)


Login to your isbnagency account to submit your book data right away so Google can start indexing your isbnagency free book page asap.

Can't submit all your book info at once?
That's OK. You can always update / edit later.

For best results, make sure to include:
•Author name
•Book title

Every day, billions of people use the world's #1 website -- Google. Customers will search for your book's isbn, title, author name, or something in your book description. When your book's free web page on isbnagency pops up, customers can visit your page to learn more about your book, and even buy on Amazon.

In the video above, I search Google for actual isbnagency ISBNs and book titles. Watch as book pages on isbnagency often appear at the top of Google search results.

Just wanted to make a quick video so you can see how a free web page on isbnagency is invaluable for marketing your book!

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