How To Market A Book Vs. How To Market A Book Series

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Market One Book vs. Market a Book Series

How To Market a Book Series and Get More Writing Done

How To Market a Book Series


Some writers dread the prospect of marketing their books. Writing is their passion, marketing is a necessary evil.

But the truth is: if you don't market your book effectively, you won't reach your audience and get the book sales you need in order to make enough money to continue to write more books.

So how can you maximize your marketing efforts while increasing book sales? And give yourself more time to write?

Learning how to market a book series is a great way to accomplish this.


Successful self-published authors

Are there any examples of a self-published author who made it big with their book series?

Yes, there are!


Jack Canfield, self published author with 120 million book sales

Just look at Jack Canfield, self-published author of the "Chicken Soup For The Soul" series. He sold over 120 million copies of his book series.


E.L. James, self published author with 60 million book sales

Another self-publishing success is E. L. James, author of the 50 Shades of Gray series. She sold 60 million copies of her book series.

So what did these self-publishers do that you can try to replicate with your own book marketing?


Jack Canfield and E.L. James book marketing strategy

What both Jack Canfield and E L James did was to self-publish their books as a series.

By publishing a series of books, they were able to quickly hit the magic number of sales that will attract a publisher to offer a publishing deal.


So how many sales of a book series do self-publishing authors need to get a publishing deal?


Turns out the magic number is 10,000

Both Canfield and James were able to sell about 10,000 copies of their book series as a self-publisher.


10,000 books ... sounds easy, right?

It might not sound like a lot of books, but 10,000 is an indie success.

In fact, this is a milestone number that can attract the attention of publishers.

So if you can sell 10,000 copies of your book series, you're on your way.

This is a great way to get a publisher on board to work their magic to take your book sales from thousands to millions.


Train your brain to think of each new book as a series

The next time you're thinking of writing a book, don't think of it as a one-off.

Instead, plan out an entire series all at once. It is good to practice and there's no harm in it.

The potential upside is it might lead you in the same direction as the world's most successful self-published authors.


Why a book series is better than a one-off

Even if your book is not a huge hit by other people's standards, every title in the series helps to market all the other titles in the series. So you get a network effect.

Plus, a book series is more attractive to publishers.

Also it helps structure your output so you get more writing flow. No need to work up entirely new concepts every time. You can simply focus on writing variations of a theme that you enjoy.


Marketing a book series is easier than a single book


Here are some reasons why it can be easier to market a book series than a one-shot book.

Getting a fan to buy a book that is not part of a series is a lot of work, and you can only sell one book.

Getting a fan for your book series is perhaps the same amount of work -- but you can sell one copy of each book in your series. Selling more books = making more money and maximizing your income as a writer.

Publishers love to see a book series, probably because it reduces their marketing efforts and maximizes income.

The network effect is real. When a fan of your book finds one of your titles enjoyable, then they want to buy the other books in the series. You get people hooked for a longer ride.

With more titles available, you have a greater chance for your work getting discovered. For example, on a bookshelf in a bookstore, on a library shelf, or on a website like Amazo. This provides a greater chance that a new potential fan will stumble upon your work and get interested.


Attracting Fans To Your Book Series Can Make You Rich

Don't just take my word for it. Please do your own research. Head over to the library or a bookstore and you will find countless examples of successful book series. The most successful authors are writing not just one book but an entire book series. So it stands to reason that writing a series of books is a smart way to make more money as a writer.

If you start training yourself to think of every new book as a series, then you're one step closer to thinking the same way that the world's most successful self-publishers are thinking.

And that brings you one step closer to achieving the results you want!



Thinking of every book as a potential series will get you in the mindset that is shared by the most successful self-publishers. Making a series is one of the best ways to make money as a self-published author.


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