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ISBN barcode

Example of an ISBN barcode file in JPG format. Each ISBN Bar Code is print-ready, double-checked and verified for accuracy.


example of ISBN 13 barcode


ISBN barcode size

The ISBN barcode size automatically created by our online ISBN barcode generator software is 690 pixels width by 450 pixels height.

(note: It will appear on your computer screen much bigger than the example above.)

What is the ISBN barcode minimum size for printing on your book?

The ISBN barcode minimum size recommended for printing is 300dpi.

All ISBN barcodes from isbnagency .com are ready to print and meet the ISBN barcode minimum size requirements.

What is the best ISBN barcode size for printing on your book?

Usually about 2 inches to 2.5 inches wide.

Why does the ISBN barcode appear bigger on my computer screen than on the actual book?

On your computer screen, the ISBN barcode size should appear way too big. For example it might look about 7 inches wide.

No worries. This is necessary because the ISBN barcode image must be reduced in order to be printed on your book at high quality.

On the back of your book, the ISBN barcode size will be about 2.3 inches wide

Another way to say this is your computer screen displays the ISBN barcode at 72 dpi (so it appears big), while the print resolution is 300 dpi (so it appears smaller).

ISBN 10 vs. ISBN 13

Current format for ISBNs is the ISBN 13. Previously the ISBN 10 was used.

If you got your ISBN some years ago you can still use the ISBN 10 today, but ISBN 13 is the current standard ISBN format.

ISBN barcode format

About the file format: JPEG is the most popular file format for Bar Code usage. JPEG bar codes are 300 dpi print quality.

What is the Difference Between an ISBN and ISBN Barcode?

Simply put: the ISBN is the actual number and the ISBN barcode is the barcode graphic.

To keep things simple, all ISBN barcodes from have a human-readable ISBN number across the top.

Also the file name for the ISBN barcode is the same as the ISBN number.

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