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7 things you need to know about your ISBN

ISBN True or False

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Who is the best person to market my book?

If you're a self-publisher, that means you are a self-starter. So part of self-publishing is marketing your own book.

I think this is great because (1) you save money, (2) you have more control over your marketing, and (3) you get to reach your audience in a more personal way.


You are your book's best champion

I believe that you are your book's best champion. I've learned a lot by self-publishing and marketing my books, and it truly is fun.

Plus I've been able to support my family with a part-time 6-figure income working from home. I've been blessed many opportunities to be a guest speaker and lecturer at prestigious events.

All of this has come from my marketing efforts. I've gained a lot of personal freedom from marketing my titles successfully. I started out like you as a new self-publisher. Now I consistently make money on my titles. I've won awards, had great opportunities and I've become a recognized expert in my field.

Success breeds success

Plus the more successful you are at marketing your book, the more people you will reach with your message and be able to help change their lives in a positive way.


It's time to try on a new hat.

Now's the time to start thinking of yourself as a marketer.

As I have discovered, a little time and effort marketing your book can pay off with huge benefits. Imagine being able to transform people's lives, become famous and make money from your self-publishing. That's the power of marketing.

Please keep watching for my next email with more useful marketing tips.

You can do this!


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