Self-publishing checklist

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Self-Publishing Checklist
(3-Step Process)

(1) Write - Write your book

(2) Protect & Prepare - Protect your work and prepare for distribution

(3) Marketing - Get your book into the hands of customers.

The Breakdown

Let's just break this down a little further.

(Note: I assume most people reading this are starting part 3, but please look over parts 1 and 2 to make sure you haven't missed anything.)


(1) Write your book

a. Identify your target audience.

b. Write - Sit down and write your first draft.

c. Edit - Revise your book and make it better.


2) Protect & Prep For distribution

a. ISBN - Get your ISBN barcode and get your free web page on so you can easily share your book info and customers can find your book online

b. Copyright - Get an Official US Copyright for your book.

c. Prepare - Put your writing into proper format for printing, get cover art done

d. Print - Send your files to the printer and get some sample copies of your book printed


3) Market your book - Get your book out there and into the hands of your customers.

a. Identify your target audience.

Wait a minute.

Hold on...

Didn't we already do this step? Isn't "Identify your target audience" what we did at the very start, way back on step (1)a?

The answer is yes. We did, but most people probably skipped this step. Gotcha. So now we actually need to go back.

Let's do this.

Who is your Target Audience?

...And why do we need to know?

Well, the reason is because marketing takes a lot of resources. We want to put our resources to the best use. To accomplish that, we need to know who we are marketing to.


Who will benefit from getting your book?

For example, if you created a book that teaches kids how to draw cartoon animals, who would your target audience be? Kids. Because kids will benefit from a book that teaches kids how to draw.

But... kids don't have jobs. Which means they don't have money to buy things. So who is going to buy your product for kids who want to learn how to draw cartoon animals?

That is your effective target audience. The people who will buy your book.


Now, let's look at target audience gone wrong.

You wouldn't want to try to market your cartoon animal drawing book to dentists, right?

No, because it's unlikely that dentists would be especially interested in a series of kids drawing books. Unless your drawing book teaches kids how to draw teeth and toothbrushes, dentists aren't necessarily going to be eager customers.

In other words, marketing to dentists would probably be a waste of time and money.

Effective Target Audience

Instead, you could increase your chances of reaching kids by marketing your books to parents, school teachers and librarians.

Librarians are actively trying to reach out to kids and get them interested in fun activities such as drawing. School teachers need to have art education for kids in their classes. Parents want fun things for their kids to do indoors, besides video games or watching tv.

Now that you are on the way to discovering who your target audience is...


Now you know where to focus your marketing.

You're not going to waste your time and money trying to reach dentists, because they aren't going to buy your book. You're going to try to reach the parents, school teachers and librarians. They're going to buy your books.

This example is actually from my own experience because I sell drawing videos to teachers, librarians and schools. These people keep me in business, because they buy thousands of dollars worth at a time.

That's why knowing your target audience is crucial.

We only have so much time and energy to put into promoting our titles. It makes good sense to focus your efforts where you have the best chance for the richest rewards.

Look for my next email...

The subject of my next email will be: your next step. Determining your target audience.

We'll get you all set for marketing your book. We'll determine who is your target audience, and how do we get your message in front of them.

That's all for today.

Thanks and best of luck with your book!


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