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  • ISBN: 9780692177877

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    Hat Trick: The Essential Playbook for Career, Family, and Personal Balance





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    The Hat Trick—a term taken from ice hockey—is scoring three goals in the game of life with family, self-development, and a fulfilling career. This invaluable guide by a successful technology director who has raised two sons and never misses a Boston Bruins game will empower women in their personal pursuit of the Hat Trick. The book is aimed at women motivated to keep all three goals going in their busy lives.

    Aware from an early age that the sport American women play best is “Perfection,” Valerie Roman wrote this book to discourage her readers from trying to live up to an impossible ideal—at the office, at home, or on the floor of the Pilates Studio. Instead, she provides readers with hundreds of helpful hints for getting through life wherever it leads them. Her goal? To help young women be all they aspire to be.

    Her treasure trove of practical advice on how to score all three goals includes tips that Valerie has tested from a variety of sources and covers everything from cookie swaps to office politics.

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    Valerie Roman

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    The second daughter in a Greek-American family, Valerie Roman grew up in a small New England town before attending Wellesley College as a math major. She was the first Chief of Systems Analysis and Design for the Census Bureau, and went on to become the technology director for the City of Cambridge and Phillips Academy in Andover. Roman has gathered a lifetime of lessons learned and a stockpile of successes to help other women become their best selves, advance their careers, and nurture happy families. What separates Roman’s advice from tips shared by celebrity goddesses is that her information is organized by problem, offering solutions to office dilemmas, regimens for personal health, and suggestions for stress relief. Valerie is the mother of two grown sons. Today she and her husband live in New Hampshire.

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