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  • ISBN: 9780692331866

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    The Power Of Self





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    Whether good or bad, relationships make up and determine how the world turns. Considering how the world looks today, one could say relationships are not reaching their maximum potential. The discovery of the greatest power in existence is available for everyone. whether you are a child, an adolescent, an adult, or senior. This God given ability is accessible to you for good success in relationships of any kind. Discovering the key to successful relationships by reclaiming your true value. Is a very simple process that will literally change the way to which you engage relationships with those in your life. My book "The Power of Self" is a guide and tool that will aid the reader in discovering their true value and purpose in relationships of any kind. The world is made up of people, and people determine the quality of life that the world will offer. But, most just don't know, or lack understanding regarding their purpose and value in life's cycle. It is my goal with this project that people from every age group and every culture will discover their true value and ignite change for better relationships, and a better world .

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    Gary Wilkerson

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