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  • ISBN: 9781513609843

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    Siren (Katie Long & Siren Book 1)





  • Description:

    Katie Long came from a musical family; her father was a guitarist in a 60s covers band and her mother had been a singer. Her brother was a guitarist with a natural flair and Katie looked up to him, wishing she could be as good as he was. She practiced in her bedroom, writing songs, and expanding her repertoire, for she had inherited her father’s gift with the guitar and her mother’s voice.

    But her passion for music was a shield against her shyness and introverted manner, and the awful allergies she suffered from. All this made her alone and friendless. To make things worse she was mercilessly bullied at school which made her even more withdrawn. She retreated even more into her personal world and wished one day of becoming a rock star. It seemed though that this would only ever remain a dream.

    Then a couple of unrelated incidents on her fifteenth birthday set off a chain of events that put her on the path to realising her dream, but if Katie was to achieve her ambition, then she would have to overcome her bullying classmates, prejudice and her shyness, all of which would test her determination to the fullest.

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    Adult Education


    Tony Roberts

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