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  • ISBN: 9781513614021

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    Words from a Babe: Priceless Conversations Between a Nana and Her Granddaughter





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    If you've ever had a love one tragically pass away all of sudden, you can imagine how hard it is to have an open line of communication with other family members, as a result. This happened to me when I lost my grandson. You can't really talk about your true feelings regarding the situation. Most likely, you would have some penned up guilty feelings. Knowing the questions can't be answered, you ask yourself a lot of what-if questions.

    My goal and purpose for writing this book is to show the importance of having early conversations with your grandchild especially when they first start to talk.

    This book of short conversations with my granddaughter is our way of communicating at one time or another. She allowed me to be open to accept her questions and/or statements turning them into a series of conversations between us.

    I think it is important to communicate with your child and/or grandchild not only for their growth, but to also be able to ascertain if there may be some underlying reasons in what are trying to communicate.

    I am sure some of these conversations will make you smile and possibly laugh at tome of Londynn's profound thoughts and statements.

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    Joyce Summerville McDaniel

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