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  • ISBN: 9781513619217

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    Sirensong (Katie Long & Siren Book 2)





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    Four years have passed since Siren’s unbelievable debut, and continued chart success both in Britain and the States have turned the raw, naïve quartet into seasoned rock performers. But beneath the surface problems are beginning to rise, fuelled by alcohol and drugs. Each of Katie’s band colleagues faces a different personal crisis and she has to battle to keep each one from self-destruction.
    In addition their record company is considering dropping them due to declining record sales and the perceived impression the ‘teen rock’ image they had is now no longer relevant to musicians who are in their 20s. Katie has to use her waning strength to keep the band together as the pressures of touring and artistic differences threaten to unravel the band.

    As a particularly fraught tour nears its end even Katie’s endurance and resilience shows signs of breaking, and amidst the disintegration of all she had fought to keep going she suffers a catastrophe that shakes her family and friends to the core.

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    Tony Roberts

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