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  • ISBN: 9781513622576

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    Casca 47: The Viking





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    Tiring of the ceaseless wars of Charlemagne, Casca leaves the realm of the Franks and wanders north to the lands of the Frisians to try to find peace. But peace is hard to find, and the Eternal Mercenary is captured by a band of Viking raiders who take him and two Frisian sisters aboard their longship, bound for their settlement of Husborg.

    Casca uses his old Helsfjord legend to his advantage, earning his freedom and the respect of the majority of the Vikings, but not the leaders, and Casca has to fight a succession of them in order to earn his place once again as Holder of a Viking settlement.
    Once there, he finds the two Frisian sisters, Gertrude and Hilde, reluctant to fill the place that Lida, his old love, once did, and Casca’s intention to relive his past is much more difficult than he anticipated, especially when rival Jarls conspire in an effort to take his Hold. Casca will have to bow to the rising power of the King of Denmark if he is to retain his position of Holder of Husborg.

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    Tony Roberts

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