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  • ISBN: 9781513625300

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    MY SECRET PLACE; God Instructs Holy Spirit Reveals





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    A TRUE STORY . . . In her own memoir, Dawn Ezelle is transparent sharing her second Holy Spirit encounter that begins in 2001 nestled deep within the Blue Ridge Mountains. Travel with Dawn as she embarks on her journey and solitude with God. Her photo album walks you thru 3 different mountaintop encounters. Are you searching for a deeper relationship or intimacy with God? Dawn's personal experience will help you discover yours. Her struggle with darkness, despair, and unbelief seemed like an eternity. Dawn found out that GOD is real and the Holy Spirit is omnipresent. Her journal reveals a deep insight uncovering revelation as Dawn is lead supernaturally from one mountaintop to the next. Know that you are not alone. Be encouraged. Stay the course. GOD will bring you into a close intimate relationship with HIM. Come retreat from daily distractions, be refreshed and find quiet time with Jesus in worship, prayer, and fasting. Dawn's passion is for you to learn how to hear from God, obeying HIS voice and experience your own personal Holy Spirit encounters. "God has a purpose, plan & destiny hidden behind every wildfire in life" -Dawn Ezelle-

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    Dawn Ezelle

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