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  • ISBN: 9781513625577

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    SINFONIA de BIRIMBAU Culture of Capoeira in Classical Music





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    The greatest “Cultural Revolution” in our lives is our education. Education is an indispensable human need and must be available to all.

    Through innovative ideas that promote family education, I teach music and Capoeira to add progress to elementary and university education.

    Adding crucial improvements to the correct notation of the writing of classical music and Brazilian music in a score, I hereby stipulate the urgent updating of the spelling of the main cultural component of my native Brazilian culture, Capoeira, which underlies my rationality and spirituality, in healthy lifestyle.

    So, I publish in this book my new and groundbreaking Method of Music to further our education.

    The art and philosophy of my "Symphony" is based on the Capoeira ritual invented in Brazil.

    In this book, I pioneered the educating attitude that teaches the correct writing of the Capoeira Title that UNESCO officialized in 2014 as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

    The "capoeira" of the Portuguese European people, in fact, is written in lowercase letters and serves to identify a physical activity with their chicken coop culture.

    From now on, to respect Brazilian culture, update your writing by learning that Capoeira of Brazilians absolutely writes in capital letters!

    To confirm my theory, I composed eleven songs in unpublished music scores that along with several historical photos depict the realistic synthesis of various cultures through the current and past history of the peoples of Brazil, the USA, Europe, and Australia.

    My composition verify the exceptional fusion of the Brazilian Birimbau (also written "berimbau") melodiously playing with the instruments of classical, traditional, jazz and rock; and improves the interpretation of Brazilian music.

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    Jerônimo Santos Da Silva, Mestre Jeronimo

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