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  • ISBN: 9781513625744

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    The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur's Playbook





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    Worried your true entrepreneurial talents are wasting away? Discover a system for growing your passions into a blooming business.
    Are you struggling to find your calling? Have you tried (and failed) to follow industry advice by focusing your energy on just one trade? Successful entrepreneur coach Juanita Jones can relate. After wasting time and money pursuing other people’s idea of a successful business, she wised up and built her company around her passions. And now she’s here to help you create your own dream job.

    The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur’s Playbook demonstrates how to capitalize on your unique brand of creativity. In 90 days or less, Jones will lead you from an uncertain path to a confident vision for your customized company. With seven simple steps, you’ll finally learn how to achieve success on your terms.

    In The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur’s Playbook, you’ll discover:
    How to examine your life to determine your entrepreneurial purpose
    How to locate your tribe and how to find their online hangouts
    How to serve your tribe by creating the products they need
    How to craft on-brand marketing messages that resonate with your target customers
    How to develop a systematic sales funnel to foster repeat customers, and much, much more!
    Jones’ empowering resource is a step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs who refuse to be confined to a single box. If you like actionable strategies, down-to-earth advice, and an expert who has shared and overcome the same struggles, then you’ll love Juanita Jones’ fresh new take on career building.

    Buy The Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur’s Playbook to realize all of your talents today!

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    Juanita Renee Jones

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