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  • ISBN: 9781513626215

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    Killing John Kanton





  • Description:

    Killing John Kanton is a story in which two men, both
    children of the 1950's, by chance meet on a Mississippi
    Gulf coast, deserted pier about a year after the Katrina
    catastrophe. Both are looking for resolution. Through a
    night of conversation they explore the subject matter of
    their lives as well as a few bottles of booze.

    One of the men, affectionately known only as the white
    guy, is what New Orleanians, also affectionately, refer to
    as a transplant. A transplant in New Orleans is a person
    who regards themselves as a New Orleanian but was
    not born or raised anywhere near it. They generally feel
    fortunate to have found New Orleans in their path, and
    they regard it as an oasis in what they call, when they are
    feeling particularly smug, the desert of American culture.
    In personal crisis "yet again," the white guy finds himself
    in the throws of "another" drunken splurge and, in "yet
    another" aimless, random search. Somewhere along the
    Gulf of Mexico, he meets up with Leroy Fuller McKinna.

    Leroy is a native, born-and-raised New Orleanian who
    came up in the notorious poverty and crime found in
    what was and is called Central City. The 1950 and 1960
    New Orleans experienced a significant make-over as the
    Civil Rights Movement succeeded in making racism out
    of vogue and impolite. Leroy is a black man, a child of his culture, and fully, in speech and manner, New Orleans. The white guy, as Leroy's transcriber, has tempered (but not eliminated) Leroy's regional-ness to facilitate what he hopes will be the average reader's literary palate. We experience that night and learn how Leroy, a good man, came to murder John Kanton, another good man.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Toby Wraye

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    Toby Wraye makes his book available as a hand-made book as well. To obtain a book written, build, signed, and dated by Toby, contact him by email. On Kindle, this book is also available as an E-Book for $2.99.

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