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  • ISBN: 9781513626222

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    There’s just no living with Chester Black. It didn’t used to be like this. Though he could be called somewhat distant, he seemed a happy man. Even just after the disaster, he was the positive one in the family while Patricia and Lacey claimed that they and he would never see New Orleans again. He’d say to them and assure himself, “Cleveland ain’t so bad. It’s got a great art scene and music. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is here after all. There's the Cuyahoga river and Lake Erie is fifteen times the size of Pontchartrain. And, y’know, the schools...”

    He had a worm though. Something or another was eating at him. Six years after becoming refugees from hurricane Katrina, he and Patricia agreed, though it felt like another evacuation, that he would find his own place. Together they moved his stuff from Cleveland Heights to an old apartment building in Cleveland’s former warehouse district. At first the move looks good for him. He makes new friends; one is also from New Orleans. They seem to be helping him reshape his lead pipe and fit himself into Cleveland. A lead pipe is part of a trumpet. Chet is into horns.

    Tragedies, like the Katrina Hurricane/New Orleans Federal Levee disaster, don’t really have silver linings. After the dead are found and buried, after the homes are gutted and start being rebuilt, after the putrid stench of decay begins to abate, and after people start filling the streets with movement, then the goodness of the people left behind—the goodness that was there before the storm and the goodness that sustained them during the storm and the trying times afterwards—shines through. It turns out that the every-day little dramas in a person’s life, though lacking flash, are ultimately what makes the difference.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Toby Wraye

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    Toby Wraye also makes his books available as hand-made hard-cover copies. If you are interested in a hand-crafted, signed, and dated version of Swedging, contact Toby by email. On Kindle, this book is also available as an E-Book for $2.99.

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