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  • ISBN: 9781513626383

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    The Hurricane Factor





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    On Aug 28, 2017, Hurricane Harvey, a category 4 storm of biblical proportions paralyzed Houston and the surrounding Gulf Coast area. Mother Nature had a temper tantrum of epic proportions and unleashed 51.888 inches of rain. Much like a theatrical narcissist, she then unleashed her fury on Florida with Irma followed by Puerto Rico with Maria.
    The 2017 Storms tested the faith of all those impacted. on proud display was America’s core values of tenacity, resiliency, and grit. From sea to shining sea, strangers helped strangers. Many risked their lives to rescue others. Those in safe harbors reached out without hesitation to offer their time and talents. These are the unsung heroes storm side patriots
    The inspiring stories in this book focus on a collection of amazing individuals who put others first. Whether they were volunteers or first responders, they opened their hearts in a way that transformed lives.
    This spirit of cooperation and unification in times of crisis is what I refer to as the Hurricane Factor. Like the aftermath of 911, we were one One Nation. One God. Indivisible.
    The inspirational personal stories illustrate the importance of faith and optimism when faced with any storm in your life.

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    Adult Education


    Mica Mosbacher

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