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  • ISBN: 9781513627274

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    Little Ed: Book of Short Stories





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    This is the first book in a collection of Little Ed titles. This book of short stories introduces Little Ed, a miniature horse and all his farm animal friends. It was created to entertain children, teach valuable life lessons and bring families together through reading. A collection of short stories adults and children can enjoy together. Great bedtime stories, or anytime you want to take an adventure with your child, Little Ed and his friends.

    The stories in this collection take you on an adventure with Little Ed, Hobo, Portly, Dodger, Daisy, Charlie, Rupert and Big Tom. Although some stories and characters are totally fiction, some characters are real and their adventures are based on true events in the animal’s lives.

    The book includes a bonus coloring book section and interactive websites. The interactive websites are included for readers to view pictures of the real animals they are reading about. Readers can also leave the author a message with suggestions for stories and their first name. I may use your story in my upcoming Little Ed books. If I use your story idea, I will respond to your message with details of the book you will see your story in.

    So, sit down with a child and take some adventures with some amazingly fun animals. Color some pictures from the coloring book and post them on the interactive website for all Little Ed’s fans to view. Share your story idea and possibly see them in upcoming books.

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    Fiction: Children


    B. T. Jones

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