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  • ISBN: 9781513628011

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    Universal Energy Oracle Cards




    Playing Cards

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    A full colour, 78 card deck created by intuitive artist and spiritual medium Frances Whitman. They were inspired and created as a set of vibrational energy cards, known as Universal Energy Oracle Cards, to be used as a tool to enable all to connect with the abundant and infinite energies of the Universe.

    Use these cards to gain clarity, direction, reassurance, comfort, inspiration and spiritual growth.

    The energies represented in the cards are designed to reconnect you to your power and purpose, all the while reminding you of your true Divine light and your connection to all that the Universal Energy offers you, guiding you through your life with insights and upliftment.

    Choose a card and feel the powerful vibration of the energy present in the image resonate with you on all levels. The colours, shapes and words have been specifically created to align you with the energy of your chosen card.

    The deck can be used intuitively or in the same way as a tarot deck, using traditional card spreads. Choose one card or as many as you feel drawn to. These cards can be used as an aid to meditation when a certain vibrational frequency is called for.

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    Frances Whitman

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