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  • ISBN: 9781513628240

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    Le journal d'Emma





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    Original guide written in the form of a fascinating diary, which brings together the key principles to know happiness and true love in marriage!

    Emma, ​​a young active Parisian, has just gotten engaged with Benjamin. As she prepares, her main concern is the choice of the disc jockey and the look of her wedding dress. During the process of registration in the Consistory, she discovers' Hanna, a radiant woman who makes her realize that living together requires much more preparation than the organization of a dance party.

    What should have been a simple visit of formality is a decisive encounter in Emma's life since she will discover the magic of the Jewish couple in all its aspects. Thereafter, as soon as she faces challenges in her life as a couple, it is towards' Hanna that she will turn to obtain the voice of the Torah on the daily issues that

    So many issues that affect all couples, compiled with subtlety and humor by Joy Sim'ha Galam, whose work was hailed by Rabbanite Jeanine Lemme and Israel's former Chief Rabbi Rav Israel-Meir Lau. It is also a guide that brings together the key principles to know happiness and true love in marriage.

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