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  • ISBN: 9781513628257

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    Cycle d'une vie juive : Bar-Mitsva





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    This book deals comprehensively with the laws and customs of this essential stage of the young boy's life, which officially inaugurates his entry into the divine service:

    - How to celebrate a Bar-Mitzvah according to Jewish law?
    - What Mitzvot the young Bar-Mitzvah must now perform?
    - How to get Tefillin of real good quality?
    - What gift to offer to Bar-Mitzvah?

    In addition to several standard Bar-Mitzvah discourses, this clear and detailed book is full of edifying stories about the conduct of the Sages of the Jewish people and how they themselves celebrated the Bar-Mitzvah. It invites you to discover the true dimension of this event and gives you the will to celebrate it in the grandest way possible: in full awareness and in accordance with the Will of Gd!

    "And I will betroth you to Me" (Hochéa 2,21), says Gd to the assembly of Israel concerning the Mevva of Tefillin. May the Bar-Mitzvah that you are about to celebrate, mark the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship of love with the Creator!

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