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  • ISBN: 9781513628677

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    BLOCKCHAIN Disruption... Creating a new decentralized and distributed world





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    The powers-that-be have made it clear that they want digital money to supersede cryptocurrencies. Central bank money in a crypto guise, will allow banks and governments to track every aspect of a person’s finances. Your life will be open for government bureaucrats and certain private forces to scrutinize as they wish.

    It is not, however, entirely one-sided. There are many forces pushing back against government and central banking control of money. David Murry discusses numerous areas where this is taking place. He examines a reduction in the public force of patents and copyrights that only benefit the largest corporations. He talks about a return to private, non-governmental justice and free-market Austrian economics. He advocates a continued expansion of microstates and secession where possible.

    Above all, David discusses the liberating effect of blockchain disruption and the private monetary advantages of cryptocurrencies. This revolution will continue above-ground, or even underground, if central banks try to stop it. One way or another it will evolve as people continue to make such cryptocurrencies harder to detect and trace. This book explains why and how using the most up-to-date examples.

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    David Murry

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