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  • ISBN: 9781513628691

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    Incubus Immortal Seed





  • Description:

    Genetic engineering or cloning terror? Forty years after the final battle between the rulers of the world, Sir Harold Chapple, a British billionaire lord, is torn by his conflicting beliefs. He will have to decide and choose sides between British intelligence and advocates and their activists allies calling for the fall of the new world order and the reversion to the era of technology and civil rights.

    Sir Harold, or ‘Duke’, chose to defend the new world order as the supposedly peaceful revolution took a turn into a more violent aggression dominated by militant militia leaders. Duke assembled a team of six —two gorgeous women and the best in the field of science, electronics, explosives, and coercion — and began his assault on Karl, the man believed to be behind this bloody new war.

    This is a novel full of breathtaking action, love scenes, and shocking surprises, and you will be kept in the dark guessing each move until the fascinating end.

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    Adult Education


    Tony Choufati

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