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  • ISBN: 9781513628752

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    Birth And Breath An Eternal Thirst





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    Birth And Breath is a collection of writings that give genuine account to the heart felt experience of love, romance, and sex. Something so very original, especially in the realm of love, Luccini’s work expresses the most beautiful parts of the human experience. This very revitalized style of writing illustrates the true depths of the written word. It is a book that is reawakening people to the art and love of words and even love itself. Shurod’s prose is lyrical and affecting. His love, passion and deepest feelings seep from the pages.

    This book contains a story that becomes more and more clear of the experiences lived by the author. The words deal with an insatiable love that is burdened by the differences of culture and the fear that ensues. This work reveals the power of love and its ability to overcome mans social, dogmatic and misogynistic religious insistences. It is a work that breaks free from any likeness thought to be its equal.

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    Luccini Shurod

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