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  • ISBN: 9781513629148

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    Spirit of the Crystal





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    This author, Donna Setterlund, was a thirty-eight year old woman searching for the magic to make sense of her tumultuous complicated life. Inspiration came in the form of an amazing woman named Margaret, who was the studio model for “Tinkerbell” in the original movie “Peter Pan.” Tinkerbell took Donna by the hand and sprinkled her with pixy dust, encouraged her to look for the things she didn’t know she needed, and shared her serendipitous personality. This fortuitous magic ignited the curiosity that started everything and led to a lifetime of writing and illustrating the stories that Donna now shares with families and children everywhere.

    Jeannie, a frustrated teen, leads us past reality into the most wonderful place imagination could ever experience. Horses, unicorns, castles, new friends, no rules . . . . . well almost. It is a place where things are not always as they seem and danger lurks in the darkness. Life is full of surprises and even in a world of our own making our choices directly impact what happens next. Feel the hope and fear as Jeannie explores this strange land filled with truths and lies. Cry with her as she overcomes obstacles and faces adversity. Feel the energy as she discovers an inner strength, and learn new truths. This intriguing world holds a powerful positive energy that touches the heart of each of us as we find a piece of ourselves in the laughter, and the pain. Feel the very soul of humanity as the delightful characters live and talk about all the wonderful, confusing, traumatic and glorious things of life in a manner that offers hope and understanding. There is something cathartic and healing about the progressive stories that actively engage one’s senses in a magical experience. Step through the portal into the serendipity world that is Zontoria.

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Donna J Setterlund

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    Family Content

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