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  • ISBN: 9781513629414

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    A Resilient Soul





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    Internationally acclaimed nobody, author Susan Kiley is on a mission to make a difference in the world, after three and a half decades of standing in silence. When Kiley’s life took a dramatic change for the worse and she had knocked on the wrong door, a nagging, inner voice changed her life: shifted her perspective on life and the past that weighed her down.

    A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage is the bold and raw account of how at forty years old, Kiley found her purpose by changing her perspective. The journey through the past to the present, told through intimate snapshots, follows Kiley from the first, dark truth as a child to a present imperfect life – a perceptive, bold and resilient awakening.

    With an experienced life resident intuition and a creative upbringing, Kiley reexamines her journey to the present – her past, her purpose, marriage, divorce, her attempts to end it all, and friendships – embracing all her imperfections that make her who she is today.

    In the end, she abolishes the words “not enough” and gracefully accepts “enough” as her truth. Kiley invites readers to join her in the process through thought-provoking questions designed to nudge them through their own past as they arrive in the present.

    Kiley gives her readers one of the most powerful teaching tools yet – her own life! A Resilient Soul: Perspective Shifts of Courage takes readers on a brave, raw emotional journey to leaving the past and living in the present.

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    Self Help


    Susan Kiley

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