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    True King Animal Kingdom Horse





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    May I talk about the mysterious and incredible story that happened to me and Animal Kingdom horse?

    I am Sun Choe, an artist and a big fan of Animal Kingdom horse. I am the person who tactically helped Animal Kingdom win world's richest horse race the 2013 Dubai World Cup, 10 Million U.S.Dollars purse, and the world does not know about it. I proved how a thoroughbred racing fan can be involved in racing by helping my loving Animal Kingdom win the 2013 Dubai World Cup.

    I didn't make any money, only enjoyed watching Animal Kingdom smile at the winner’s circle. I wanted my loving Animal Kingdom to be happy because I felt sorry that Animal Kingdom kept losing, looking sad after each loss, even though he ran great enough to win. They were not Animal Kingdom horse's fault because they were the tactical problems of the jockeys. I had confidence that Animal Kingdom could win, if there were no tactical mistakes as before those races. I wanted Animal Kingdom to prove how great he is to the world! In this book, I will show how my e-mail sent to his owner Barry Irwin and his trainer Graham Motion helped with Animal Kingdom's win at the 2013 Dubai World Cup with Graham Motion's response.

    Most importantly, I would like to talk about the cause of Animal Kingdom's poor run at the 2013 Royal Ascot Queen Ann Stakes. It was the heartbreak that all of Animal Kingdom loving fans and myself watched Animal Kingdom's poor race at the Royal Ascot Queen Ann Stakes on TV, YouTube, and the internet and are saying, "It was a mistake to send him over there, because of the turf track was soft so it didn't fit him, Ascot track was straight, or he was crazy about Elusive Kate (female horse) racing with him," causing him to run poorly at that race. There were misunderstandings about Animal Kingdom's poor run at the Queen Ann Stakes. None of what these people said is true. It was absolutely humans' mistake and not Animal Kingdom fault at all. Animal Kingdom could have won the 2013 Royal Ascot Queen Ann Stakes easily.

    I used my e-mails that I sent to Animal Kingdom's owner Barry Irwin and trainer Graham Motion and the published facts to prove mathematically and scientifically the cause of the majestic Animal Kingdom's poor run at the 2013 Royal Ascot Queen Ann Stakes.

    Because fact is truth and truth can only prove Animal Kingdom's innocence and greatness. It was Animal Kingdom's last race, instead of winning gloriously, he finished miserably. And he never had chance to prove himself again.

    They love Animal Kingdom more than anyone else. They wanted to protect Animal Kingdom horse and the jockey from getting injured for they had been watching their a close friend, Ramon Dominguez, suffering from a skull fracture injury during the time. Yes, I agree that no one is perfect. We all learn from mistakes and make it better.

    We cannot change the race result, but it is not too late to give Animal Kingdom's fame back for himself, his great ancestors, and his descendants. My intention for this book is to give the World Champion Animal Kingdom's fame back and also to let the world know of Animal Kingdom's greatness to breed the world best mares to produce world champions to pass the great Animal Kingdom's bloodline through the next generations.

    Animal Kingdom could have been the first horse in history to have won those the most prestigious races in three different continents (the Kentucky Derby in America, the Dubai World Cup in Asia, and the Royal Ascot Queen Ann Stakes in Europe).

    Animal Kingdom is the master of all three different tracks; dirt, turf, and synthetic. He must have a powerful pedigree, superior and majestic body, intelligence, and strong will to do this.
    He is a True Champion!

    I would like to present this beautiful book with my poems and artworks to Animal Kingdom horse and all his loving fans with very much respect and love.

    I would like to thank Barry Irwin, Team Valor International’s owner and CEO, Animal Kingdom breeder, and one of Animal Kingdom’s owners, for answering my e-mails.

    I thank God and Animal Kingdom horse for giving this humble person the inspiration to write this book.

    I wrote this book, not only to tell how great is the horse Animal Kingdom but, also for myself to remember how much I love Animal Kingdom horse.

    While I was writing this book last year, I didn't realize spring had come and gone outside. Spring comes again, how life is beautiful as we feel spring with a full heart!
    Thank you very much.

    In March 2018 Sun C. Choe

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