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  • ISBN: 9781513629971

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    Tiger Force





  • Description:

    It is the year 3010. The world of today runs on solar power and other forms of renewable energy. It is however a very violent and unstable society in which law and order has broken down. Two scientists, Doctor David Handle and Professor Jonathan Kent, sick of the chaos and crime which they must witness everyday, decide upon creating three super beings, in the form of Tiger Men by using genetic engineering. The process is successful and the super heroes hit the streets fighting crime. However, the Doctor, consumed by greed and the love of power decides to take matters into his own hands, with frightening results. With around seventy pages of brilliant and colorful illustrations plus a great story line, Tiger Force will take both children and young adults on a super hero,science fiction, fantasy adventure, and this is just the beginning..............

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    Fiction: Science Fiction


    Richard Kinsman

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