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  • ISBN: 9781513630229

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    Advanced Personal Development: How to work towards the achievement of better (inner) - happiness - WORKBOOK




    Spiral Bound

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    Coaching Workshop. Advanced Personal Development: Coaching time - provides a unique bridge-way to individual support that can be tailored on an individual basis, helping to maintain your ongoing progression within the workplace, 'social interaction' - or even towards the achievement (through the building of individual self-esteem, outer-confidence and in the recognition and decrease of stress) of a better integrative home-work-life-balance. The 12-Month Coaching Plan - WORKBOOK: How to work towards the achievement of better (inner) happiness! And: how to recognize it when it presents itself. Why not experience a link to Life Coaching for yourself? This educational resource (pdf) offers a self-led approach in support of achieving a time of consideration and personal-focus. Although this workbook is based on a series of Coaching Workshops - it is also a stand-alone resource that can be completed at any time. Read and then complete each exercise within the workbook. The workbook is a personal resource link that can be re-visited at any time. Exercises may still be completed - even if you are not based within a working practice, then please refer to your CPD or study link. If you are not within a CPD or study link, then refer to your own individual work, based within the household - or, even an intended or anticipated career link that you may aspire to. (you will receive weekly e-coaching [via email] for 12-weeks). You will also then receive follow on support, via the weekly e-coaching group. *NEW! A copy of the Workbook will also be sent out via 1st Class Post (please allow up to 14-working days for receipt [UK]). It also includes links of external resource, which will be particularly useful for ideas and future planning in Personal Development. The 30-minute pre-booked 121 e-coaching workshop will be available upon receipt (via email) of your completed Initial Assessment. Each aspect of The Life skills Coaching Practice: will also be inclusive of using a Reflective Journal. You can also join my weekly e-coaching group too: The Personal Development Work Book should not be used to replace any link of medical practice. This Personal Development Work Book has been written soley for the purpose of remote Life Coaching support - following the interest of you the individual. It is always recommended that you seek the advice of your GP/Practice Nurse and or medical link if you are ever in any doubt about your health. No medical advice is offered within this Personal Development Work Book.

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    Self Help


    Jacqueline Melbourne-Milner

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    The WORKBOOK is a stand-alone-coaching-resource, provided as part of (and provides access to) the 12-Month Coaching Plan

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