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  • ISBN: 9781513630502

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    Menace To Society





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    This shocking real life political murder mystery will keep you up reading all night long.

    This is a riveting story about how one blue blooded patriot taxpayer watchdog with one smart dog defeated the best and the brightest of organized crime in NH politics while exposing a multi-billion dollar taxpayer rip off. It truly is organized crime in NH politics and beyond. “These Guys” all want Gerard and his dog to be dead and they are letting them know it. It is all caught on tape. They even went so far as to beat Kenny Boy with a dead porcupine zip tied to a bat! He barely survived.

    The real shock of this story is that no one in a position of legal authority, except for the anonymous tipsters (I understand their anonymity) are doing anything about it. The manner in which Gerard not only survived but came out on top is amazing. Gerard is a man with brass balls and an untamed intellect. This book will make you cry, make you laugh and then make you angry that this can still happen in America today.

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    Gerard Beloin

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