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  • ISBN: 9781513632230

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    Kingdom Come-History and Hope





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    Kingdom Come unfolds the gripping story of how the power of prayer overcomes the toxic culture of Mississippi in 1964.
    African-American pastor, Elijah Summers, lives in the fictitious town of Contention, Mississippi. One Sunday morning, a single mother in his congregation becomes sick and cannot go to church. Her five-year-old son, Samuel, is disappointed. Determined to go to church, he strides over the tracks to the town’s largest Caucasian church to see the “White Jesus”.
    Dr. David Livingston, the pastor, arrogantly rebuffs Samuel because of his color, refusing to allow him to enter the church.
    When Elijah hears this, he is troubled. Going into his study, Elijah lays it all before the Lord. To his amazement, the Lord gives Elijah a direct command:
    “Go and confront him as a fellow minister of the gospel.”
    “What would I say? He may not listen to me because of my color.”
    “Do you think my Word has no power?”
    “Of course not, Lord.”
    * * *
    Elijah stood quietly waiting for Dr. Livingston to respond.
    Indignant, Dr. Livingston demanded, “Who do you think you are, talking to me this way?”

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    Adult Education


    David Arnold, Deborah Arnold

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