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  • ISBN: 9781513632445

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    True Herald Of Mercy





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    • This is Sean's TRUE STORY, a mere 5 year old street waif who joined a gang, the ‘Bloods,’ in his yet developing country.
    • Sean’s life of living in a local cemetery, seeking shelter from the elements by knocking holes in
    the side of and living inside of grave tomb monuments.
    • The catching, killing and eating of cemetery snakes for survival.
    • Attending funeral wakes, pretending to know the deceased, just to get a plate of food.
    • Breaking, entering and burglarizing private homes and businesses.
    • Participating in street gang violence and blood shed.
    • A mere 10 year old that guns down the innocent, such as an unsuspecting home owner just to prove to others that he was the “Baddest” person around.
    • Sean's deep yearning for voluntary acceptance drives him to commit the unthinkable.
    • All this and much, much more leading up to the day, as an 10 year old, Sean suffered the total severance of his spinal cord in a fall from a tree while stealing food. This fall renders Sean a paraplegic and effectively closes this chapter of his life. A new door miraculously opens. Adoption.

    The adoptive family, knew absolutely nothing about Sean's life in the gang and living in the cemetery tombs. Excessive negative behavior glaringly appears and can only be described as demonic, straight from the “pit of hell.”

    What does this adoptive mom do? Is there hope in the midst of such seemingly hopeless situations? Where is the God that we serve?

    We know God has a special plan and purpose for each of His created beings, a special job that only that created being can fulfill as they journey earth. So how should Sean's behavior be handled?

    Is everyone praying the wrong way? When will Sean ever 'wake up'? Is this God's plan and purpose for Sean's life?

    Or is dealing with Sean part of God's plan and purpose for this adoptive mother's life?

    Is there hope for another parent out there that may find themselves in such a situation? Or hope for some other youth that is on the wrong path?

    So many questions! Learn how they were handled.

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    Ruhamah Stadtlander

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