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  • ISBN: 9781513632650

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    Meditation Using Yoga Nidra





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    A powerful book to go beyond self belief and faith, to direct knowledge and realisation of who you are in essence.

    We are all genetically modified by our senses which become the product of our body, mind and essence.

    These senses are a gift of intuition with properties that provide health and well being, when finely tuned.

    When poorly tuned, these senses lead us into a false reality of existence, which leads to the decay of our own essence.

    The result of this fake reality our senses may give us, is the inability to be able to use our given genes.

    Our genes are gifts given by ancestors, to produce what we have within us, without need of manipulation.

    “Who am I?” is the one question we should all be able to answer, yet it’s the one question that the majority of people have problems with.

    They search and search for answers outside of themselves, thinking that someone else will answer the question for them.

    Thinking someone or something else will provide them with peace or happiness or fulfilment. This is the biggest fake reality you could ever be living in.

    If you don’t know who you are or what you have in yourself, you end up living by the truths of others.

    Truths of others become a belief or faith in something beyond you, which is nothing more than an experiment; a gamble to see what happens according to what you believe.

    If you are living by the experiment of others, how can you experience yourself?

    Talk about the blind leading the blind!!!

    Anyway this book reveals how to activate your own genes, within you; by using Yoga Nidra and meditation to unlock your own power.

    The result of this is peace, liberation and fulfilment of you in your most natural form. Where you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not and you don’t have to rely on anyone to provide your own answers.

    When you realise this through experience and direct knowledge; you are able to read your own book of life, found within you, waiting to be opened.

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    Adult Education


    Jo Prakash

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