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  • ISBN: 9781513633008

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    The Gospel of the Glory





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    Discover the secrets that have radically transformed whole congregations.

    Learn why the enemy is terrorized from these truths being revealed.

    Find out the mystery of communion that connects us directly to the power of God.

    The Gospel of the Glory is a very timely anointed book which will immediately awaken you to the entire Kingdom of Light. You will experience radical changes in your own life, no matter how long you have been walking with Christ. Receiving even one pearl of wisdom on His glory from the pages of The Gospel of the Glory will totally rearrange your furniture. This knowledge of the glory of the Lord will be known throughout the whole earth, but by contrast it is not even known throughout the whole body of Christ.

    The Gospel of the Glory is fast paced and will captivate your heart and mind. In humility, the author has opened up the Door into this spiritual realm that you will experience more peace within, but also more power to release that peace in everyday activities, effortlessly on your part, by receiving even one word saturated with His glory from the pages of this book.

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    Larry Thompson

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