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  • ISBN: 9781513634012

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    Masonic America: Architects of a Nation





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    Told in a uniquely personal storytellers voice, Masonic America: Architects of a Nation is a "reverently irreverent" look at the impact of the Freemasons on American history.

    By pulling back the curtain and telling the stories behind the stories, the book looks at not only the WHO and WHAT, but more importantly the WHY. The author sets the stage with the historical significance of the Freemasons, including their history, beliefs, and ideals before sharing some of American history's hidden gems.

    Discover how fraternal ties between fellow Freemasons helped enable many of America's greatest achievements. Masonic America provides the reader with fascinating details about the making of America, but very likely make you wish you'd paid more attention in history class...and definitely make you wish you'd asked more questions.

    Hear behind the scenes stores from the American Revolution, including; why a famous American may have been the luckiest soldier...ever, how America owes the success of the revolution almost wholly to one man, how one man almost single-handedly financed the war, how traitor was a hero, until he wasn't, how the "Fathers" of several American military groups weren't even Americans, why more teenagers know a hero of the American Revolution than anyone over 30, and so much more.

    Featured are American heroes, and Freemasons: Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Benedict Arnold, Baron von Steuben, Marquis de Lafayette, Casimir Pulaski, Johann de Kalb, Tadeusz Kosciuszko, Haym Salomon, Lewis & Clark, Stephen F. Austin, Samuel Colt, Leland Stanford, William 'Buffalo Bill' Cody, the Ringling Brothers, Henry Ford, Charles Toberman, Charles Lindbergh, and Franklin D. Roosevelt. All have played an essential role in the building of America and Freemasonry has played a crucial role in all of their lives, including their most famous successes.

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    Vance Penn

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