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  • ISBN: 9781513634708

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    How to get Medicaid to pay for some or ALL of your long-term care expenses: without having to wait 5 years; without having to sell your house; and





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    As we age, the exorbitant cost of long-term care is, by far, the greatest risk to one's financial security. From hiring a home-health aide, to paying for assisted living facilities or nursing home care, five years of long-term care can easily cost between $200,000.00 and $600,000.00 - which will completely decimate the life savings of most Americans.

    Most people don’t realize that Medicaid is available to pay for long term care expenses. Even fewer know that one can legally and ethically qualify for Medicaid before going broke!

    This book was written by an elder law attorney and includes an overview of Medicaid Planning, with chapters devoted to:

    - The Medicaid Income and Asset Tests
    - Countable vs. Non-Countable Assets
    - What is a Qualified Income Trusts (Miller Trust) - and when is one needed?
    - How to Protect Your Home (or sell the house and still be Medicaid eligibility)
    - Clarifying the 5-year look back period (no, you shouldn't have to wait 5 years to engage in Medicaid Planning)
    - Personal Services Contracts (Caregiver Agreements)
    - Special Needs Trusts
    - How to minimize or avoid Medicaid estate recovery
    - other lesser-known Medicaid Planning techniques

    The book will explain how to take someone with too many assets and qualify them for Medicaid. It will also explain how to protect one's Medicaid eligibility after receiving a sudden influx of assets (such as from a personal-injury settlement or after receiving an inheritance).

    Given the amount of misinformation being disseminated about Medicaid, and who is able to obtain those long-term care benefits, this guide (written by a Florida Medicaid lawyer - - for the benefit of non-lawyers) seeks to provide clear steps to enable you to understand how you can tap valuable resources in order to care for yourself, your spouse, or your elderly loved one.

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    Jason Neufeld

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