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  • ISBN: 9781513634968

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    Live Powerfully Live Life





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    We all have different narratives for the way we live,
    behave, and show up in the world. Sometimes the
    stories we tell about ourselves and others are true, and
    sometimes they are made-up, fabricated in our minds.
    In a lot of ways, fabrication brings about peace. It allows
    us to deal with the twist and turns of life in ways we can
    better manage and wrap our heads around.

    As an attorney, I have heard many of the narratives that
    disempower. Narratives of rejection, overzealous pride,
    disappointment, and heartache, just to name a few.
    However, no matter the story, I believe in the power of
    hope and restoration. Live Powerfully is a compilation
    of stories I have encountered and that have impacted
    my life in profound ways. As you experience each short
    recount, I invite you to ponder the choices you have
    made and make in your daily life. How do you choose?
    What is the impact of your decisions? Engage in the
    reflections on the pages and create your destiny to
    Live Powerfully.

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    Adult Education


    Rebecca Ingram

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