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  • ISBN: 9781513636757

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    Trojan Heart: How to Avoid Damaging Relationships and Stay Open to Healthy Ones





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    Dr. Stephanie Credle has identified a new type of relationship malware -- a Trojan Heart. Trojan Hearts are real. They exist to threaten our spiritual, physical, emotional, and financial well-being. Trojan Hearts operate in stealth-like fashion -- hiding motives, concealing flaws, and manipulating situations to their advantage. Just like the malicious computer malware that shares its name, the Trojan Heart slips into our lives because we have not instituted or maintained an intentional process to detect, protect, and defend.

    Relationships with others are not always easy. They can be quite challenging, and our efforts at connecting can leave us vulnerable, exposed, and subject to disappointment. We want to be loved. We search for it, yearn to connect with someone who will commit to us, take care of our emotions, align tightly with us, and make an eternal promise to love us forever. Love calls to us from the music we listen to, the movies we flock to, and the books we read.

    Recognizing our vulnerability to succumb to Trojan Heart attacks, we need a multi-pronged approach to protect from the ingenuine and the counterfeit. In order to protect against suitors, business partners, and friends with hollow, Trojan Hearts, the true heart must be open to the heart of God. Trojan Heart: How to Avoid Damaging Relationships and Stay Open to Healthy Ones provides the strategy and systems needed to set boundaries, identify personal areas of vulnerability, and keep your heart and mind open to receive the true heart that God has designed and ordered to help you reach your purpose and destiny.

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    Dr. Stephanie Hampton Credle

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