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  • ISBN: 9781513636900

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    God’s Directive For Healthier and Longer Life!





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    A well known research and clinical experiments on life span and aging by Dr. Roy L. Walford at UCLA has proven that human life in an ideal condition can be extended to 120 to 175... Then why are most American population's dying in their 60’s 70's and 80's?
    There is a natural diet and lifestyle that you can use to prevent and or heal diseases, stay young, and live in perfect health to very advanced ages...

    The Book: “God’s Directive for Healthier and Longer Life” is a must read book by believers and also non believers who believe only in science. The book, for you believers, gives you God’s directive for healthier and longer life. For non believers it gives you the recent scientific study and research on human health and their published results which is almost the same as God’s directive given to us in the scripture. To reconfirm both God’s directive and the scientific study and researches, the book shows you a few communities who live very close to God’s directive and enjoy superior health in their advanced ages of eighty, ninety, one hundred and over. These communities are Vilcabamba in Ecuador, Abkhazia in the Caucasus mountain region of Georgia, Hunza region a community in Pakistan and the Greek Island of Ikaria all well known for their people’s superior health, endless energy, vigor and longevity.

    The book “God’s Directive for Healthier and Longer Life” also shows you how to slow down the aging process, and how you can use the natural powers of your body and mind to rejuvenate itself. You will be amazed when you see yourself growing younger by the day!

    The Author: Carl Classic, a reporter who has been studying research papers published by scientists on health and nutrition for decades,, looking for the elixir of health and longevity finally he finds the answer in the verses of the Scripture.

    God’s Directive for Healthier and Longer Life is a book – in which the author is changing the popular mindset of the public, that illness is the norm and the health is the exception. The breakthrough mindset of the book is that the health is the norm and the illness is the exception.

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    Carl Classic

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