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  • ISBN: 9781513637419

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    Be The Dad You Wish You Had





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    This book was created to overcome your fear of becoming a new dad, there is no reason to worry, and you are enough. What do you come from a broken home; a dysfunctional home or even a good home, your Parenting Fear is real.

    • Will I be a good dad?
    • Do I make enough to support my family?
    • Is my life over?

    The answer to these questions is:

    • Yes, you will be a great dad!
    • You make enough money, children do not care how much you make, they care about the time you spend with them.
    • Your life is not over. Your amazing life as a new parent has just begun.

    This book gives you 40 lessons on HOW to Be The Dad You Wish You Had.

    The book is designed by with the new dad in mind, but parenting at any stage can benefit from the lessons. It covers things as simple as changing diapers, sleeping arrangements for infants; and creating routines that your child can depend on, to creating family traditions that will leave fond memories of their childhood for a lifetime.

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    Adult Education


    Ryan Roy

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