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  • ISBN: 9781513637617

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    Where We Go From Here : A Hand Sketched Colouring Book To Thoughtlessness




    Spiral Bound

  • Description:

    This is a Artistic Transformation Compilation of Geometric Abstract Images from 1/15/17-7/11/18 . From Some People I hear, " I color to clear my mind before going to bed", from my experience there is a certain peace that one finds in themselves when they take time to clear their minds and just think in color. Red, Blue, Yellow,Green,Purple,Pink. In a way it is quite an astounding way to transition into a meditative state.

    "Where We Go From Here" - Is a Novelty Book in the concept that it is a coloring book made to take apart, each page perforated with a unique backside border image with a unique poetic quote as well. Under is a description section for the coloring to write their name. what they experience and want to remember later, or just simply a message to give a personal touch to gift to a loved one.

    I Want to Thank two Cliche Suspects for making this book Possible.

    My Dad for Facilitating Freedom to experience the world. Without this, ethnographic understanding I wouldn't be the man i am today.Also Thank you for the Printer paper that i used as canvases for my Artwork.

    Mom, The Squeaky wheel always get the oil. It was a theory at fourteen years old when attempted to get my first job at the local ice cream shop down the street. The first time i walked in they didn't take me serious, by day 3 they knew i was about business and they gave me a chance! Second, I want to thank you for the ink that i used for the 1/2 of the book, 2012-2013 Calendar pens are still cool, you just really need a high volume output to stay up-to-date with inventory.

    My Best Friend Raphael, Thank you for that lightbulb moment, You asked for Photocopies of art pieces to color and BAM Buddy! You Are Here To Witness this , A Dream from a basement, Hitting the ground running on the pavement.

    If You have any Questions Regarding my Book Please Don't Hesitate to Send Me An Email.

    Much Love

    Sincerely, Julian Taylor

    P.S. Lastly A Special Thanks To The Person That First Suggest I Create Art , I'll Always Love You Honey Bun.

    Where We Go From Here, Isn't Clear, What we've learned here will help us steer.

    Some Days Joyous Light, Some Temptatious Night

    Forward We go , with no fear in sight, fore we have paid our dues for transcendent flight.

    -Julian Taylor

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    Adult Education


    Julian Taylor

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    CAD - Canadian Dollars

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