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  • ISBN: 9781513638461

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    Islamophobia and the Ideological Assault From the Past to the Present: Volume 1





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    This work explores the harmful effects of Muslims and non-Muslims misrepresenting and misinterpreting Islam. It takes an unconventional approach to the subject of Islamophobia by demonstrating the fundamental tensions between Western thought and Islam dating back to the distant past.

    This volume discusses the influence of polytheism and mysticism on the development of Greek philosophy which in turn forever transformed Christianity. It then shows how a continuation of this process weakened the Muslim world until it was devastated by the Crusades and the Mongol invasions. Rabī’ b. Hādī al Madkhalī states, “The ideological assault began before the days of M’amūn — it was in the days of Jahm b. Ṣafwān (78-128 h.).  Since that time, the plots against Islam began, and the scheme was pointed at the core of Islam.” Even many orientalists recognized that the onslaught of Western philosophy caused the decline of Muslim civilization.

    The exact cause of the rise and decline of Muslim civilization is necessary information for any community who wants to thrive and survive.  Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931) said, “No people like the Arabs could be fit to serve as a living example of the influence of the factors lying behind the foundation, magnificence, and decline of states.

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    Adult Education


    Umar Quinn

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